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Type of arts

  • The harpoon
    The harpoon
    The harpoon is used to pick razor shells, which are caught when the harpoon is drawn out.
  • The hoe
    The hoe
    The hoe is falling into disuse. It used to be used to gather any type of clam.
  • The rake
    The rake
    The rake is used to gather cockles and any type of clam.
  • The shovel
    The shovel
    The shovel is used when seeking the sand holes or on the rocks.

    It's possible to harvest any species with the shovel.
  • Working the hole
    Working the hole
    We call hole the sign left by the shellfish when they breathe. The characteristics are different from one species to another. It can be gathered with the shovel, when ashore, or by hand, in the sea.