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Shellfish gathering is more than capturing molluscs. It also includes tasks such as resowing, cleaning and surveillance. The gathering is performed in certain areas called shoals, which are situated in the intertidal area.

The extraction is done on land or afloat, picking species such as clams, cockles, razor-shells... using different methods and techniques.

Regulation is very strict, since a maximum crop per day, established depending on resources and prices, should be respected.

There are different minimum sizes for each species, for example:

Golden carpet shuck: 20mm.
Pullet carpet shuck : 38mm.
Rayed artemis: 30mm.
Cockle: 28mm.
Razor shuck: 100mm.
Pod razor shuck: 80mm.
Periwinkle: 15mm.

Control is again operated when weighing. Both the catch weight and size are controlled. Besides, the women shellfish gatherers use the gauge to check whether the size is correct.
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